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Frank was a senior level San Francisco Bay Area Recruiter for 14 years, during which time he interviewed and hired thousands of employees for Fortune 500 companies and innovative tech start-ups, from entry-level to executive positions. 

Frank hired key employees for Bank of America, Gap, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, and the University of California San Francisco. In addition, he recruited teams for e-commerce and SAAS based innovative tech start-ups. A leader in his field, he was hired by the University of California, Berkeley Career Center to provide interview coaching for hundreds of their graduating seniors.

During those years of experience, he witnessed many highly qualified candidates lose a job offer because they did not understand how to articulate their value proposition to a hiring manager confidently.

For this reason, Frank teaches his clients cutting edge, highly effective interview prep strategies. By providing coaching on body language, executive presence, language usage, and tone of voice, he ensures they have a strong interview performance and become the candidate that gets the job offer. He also helps his clients negotiate their salaries to the highest level possible.

Passionate about his work, Frank will be in your corner every step of the way. If your interviews aren’t leading to job offers, it’s time to bring us onboard to help you identify where you can improve so that you can be successful and land a great job. Praised by hundreds of previous clients whose career success stands on its own, Frank’s coaching will leave a lasting impression on you so that you can do the same during your interviews.

What would it be worth to you if you got a job sooner and a higher salary because you improved your interview performance? Let’s talk.

10 Reasons to Hire Us

If you’ve read other pages on our site, you’ve seen our credentials in the companies for which we’ve worked, the number of people we’ve gotten hired, and the many ways we can help you plan for success. But if we were to break it down to ten concise reasons for why Your Interview Success is the clear choice for your path forward, here they are:

1. Craft Strategic Interview Answers

Frank will collaborate with you to craft strategic, poignant interview answers to difficult questions that cause you stress.

2. Practice & Constructive Feedback

Through mock interviews, you will have the opportunity to practice your responses and receive honest, constructive feedback on your performance to identify any issues or previously unseen red flags that may arise. Hiring managers will never tell you why you didn’t get the job, but Frank’s attention to detail will get right to the heart of the matter so that you can ace your next interview.

3. Presentation Feedback

You will receive valuable feedback about your posture, body language, eye contact, and tone of voice that, if you’re unaware of it, may be causing a negative interview impression.

4. Customized Interview Strategy for Your Job/Industry

Having been on both sides of the hiring table, we can prepare you for each type of behavioral interview you encounter, including phone, video, and in-person interviews. In advance of your session, we research current interview trends to fully understand the job and industry you are seeking, so you are entirely prepared.

5. Passionate Support

We are passionate about helping you bring out your best self so that you receive a job offer. Our whole team is in your court 100% during the entire interview process.

6. Insider Tips from 14 Years of Recruiting

By leveraging his 14 years of senior-level recruitment experience, Frank will provide you with top insider tips and strategies that result in job offers.

7. Overcome What’s Holding you Back

Through careful attention to detail, we will diagnose what is holding you back and help you overcome it through advice, focused training, and, of course, practice. You can do it – you need to understand that, too.

8. Own Your Value Proposition and Brand

You will not only learn how to own your value proposition, you will also create your own personal branding and, more vitally, discover how to communicate it confidently through effective practice and feedback.

9. Overcome Nervousness & Self Doubt with Confidence

We will identify any self-doubts that are holding you back and help you to shift your thinking about them so that you remain confident no matter what interview question you may encounter. Believe us: No matter how nervous you may feel, you can overcome that. We’ll show you how.

10. Negotiate Your Salary

Once you receive your job offer, we will help you negotiate the highest possible compensation package. Aren’t you worth it?

If you keep getting interviews but no job offers, it’s time for you to hire a pro to help you improve your interview performance!