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Frank has a proven track record of helping clients transform their job interview performance so that they land offers and negotiate the highest compensation possible.

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Frank Burgoyne has been both a hiring manager and a recruiter, and he leverages that expertise to make you successful in your interviews.  He spent six years hiring hundreds of employees for Fortune 500 companies, and then was a Senior Recruiter for fourteen years in the San Francisco Bay Area, interviewing over 10,000 candidates.

Be assured, he knows what works and will teach you how to transform your interview results.

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Frank teaches his clients cutting edge, highly effective interview strategies

Mock Interview Coaching

Frank knows the interview questions you need to master, and you will get expert feedback on your performance during your sessions.  He teaches you how to play the interview game and land job offers doing it.  Companies will never tell you why you didn’t get the job – but Frank will diagnose and transform your performance so that you shine and get the offer you deserve.

Build Confidence

Maybe you’re nervous about interviewing.  You may not have had any for a long time, or perhaps you’ve been rejected in the past and are feeling insecure.  Frank has the skills to inspire you to be excited about what you offer to companies.  He will help you to feel confident and prepared to ace your interviews, and you will learn to connect with your interviewer and land the offer you deserve.

Articulate your value proposition

Frank will help you to articulate the value you bring to employers in every interview, unique to each opportunity.  If you have trouble identifying what your value is, or if you are shy about selling yourself, you need Frank to help you break through your boundaries and start landing job offers.

Salary Negotiation

Once you receive your offer, Frank will help you to negotiate the salary and other compensation components.  You will receive insider tips and tricks to get you the most money possible.  After all, aren’t you worth it?

Frank’s clients have landed top jobs at these companies:

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If you have an important interview coming up and you need to be fully prepared, confident, and energized, contact me now.  My one goal is to transform your interview performance so that you get offers.  I have worked with amazing clients from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, along with many other industries.  I also specialize in helping executive-level clients prepare for their leadership interviews.

Let’s start with a free consultation.  We’ll have a conversation so that I can better understand the help you are seeking and then suggest the services that I think will best serve you.