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Frank Burgoyne

Leading Interview Success Coach

At a Glance

Frank’s passion for helping his clients ace their interviews and land great jobs comes directly from his background as a Fortune 500 manager and as a senior-level recruiter for 14 years, interviewing over 10,000 candidates.  He was inspired to start Your Interview Success after witnessing so many highly qualified candidates get rejected because they failed to articulate their value proposition and exhibit the level of executive presence to get the job offer they deserved.

Frank will give you the strategy, tools, practice, and confidence necessary to become successful in all of your interviews.

Frank teaches his clients cutting edge, highly effective interview strategies:

Executive Presence Coaching

Frank will provide you feedback and personalized training in how to convey confidence, leadership, and connect with your interviews to ensure your impression is memorable.  In addition to mock interview practice, you will receive feedback about your posture, eye contact, and tone of voice to identify any shortcomings.

Mock Interviews & Language Usage

By leveraging his years of experience as a recruiter, Frank develops custom mock interviews that help you practice the strategic questions to expect in your industry and the companies with which you are interviewing.  You will receive immediate constructive feedback on how to improve your interview performance so that you can make a lasting impression on hiring managers.  He will help you craft your answers to questions that strengthen your value proposition.  He will build your confidence at every step of the way so that you shine during your actual interviews.

Personalized Prep Strategies

During Frank’s initial meeting with a client, he gathers information about that client’s unique situation.  Clients may recently have left a job that was a stressful situation, or they are making a job or industry change, or they have not had interviews in years and need to understand current trends.  Frank will listen to what areas you know you need to work on and develop a custom plan for your unique situation.

Salary Negotiation Techniques

Passionate about his work, Frank is in your corner at every step of the way – including the job offer.  Once you land your offer, Frank will review it with you and help you to develop the right strategy to negotiate higher compensation.  There are many parts of a compensation package that you can negotiate with my expertise, as most offers are negotiable.  Frank will help you get the compensation package you deserve!

Frank’s clients land top jobs:

10 Reasons to Hire Me

By now, you’ve seen our credentials in the companies for which I’ve worked, the number of people I’ve helped get hired, and the many ways in which I can help you plan for success.  However, if we were to break it down into ten concise reasons for why Your Interview Success is the clear choice for your path forward, here they are:

1. Craft strategic interview answers

Frank will collaborate with you to craft strategic, poignant interview answers to the difficult questions that cause you stress.

2. Practice your responses

Through mock interviews, you will have the opportunity to practice your responses and receive honest, constructive feedback on your performance to identify any issues or previously unseen red flags that may arise.  Hiring managers will never tell you why you didn’t get the job, but Frank’s attention to detail will get right to the heart of the matter so that you can ace your next interview.

3. Presentation feedback

You will receive valuable information about your posture, body language, eye contact, and tone of voice that, if you’re unaware of it, may be causing a negative interview impression.

4. Customized interview strategy for your industry

Having been on both sides of the interviewing table, Frank can prepare you for each type of behavioral interview you encounter, including phone, video, and in-person interviews.  In advance of your session, Frank will research current interview trends to fully understand the job and industry you are seeking so that you are adequately prepared.

5. Passionate support

Frank is passionate about helping you to bring out your best self so that you receive a top job offer.  I am in your court 100% during the entire interview process.

6. Insider tips from 14 years of recruiting

By leveraging my 14 years of senior-level recruitment experience, I will provide you with top insider tips and strategies that result in job offers.

7. Support in overcoming what’s holding you back

Through careful attention to detail, we will diagnose what is holding you back and help you to overcome it through advice, focused training, and, of course, practice.

8. Own your value proposition and establish your brand

You will not only learn how to own and state your value proposition, you will also create your own personal branding and, more vitally, discover how to communicate it confidently through effective practice and feedback.

9. Overcome nervousness & self-doubt

We will identify any self-doubts that may be holding you back and help you to shift your thinking about them so that you remain confident, no matter what interview question you may encounter.  Believe me: No matter how nervous you may feel, you can overcome those feelings and use them to your advantage.  We’ll show you how.

10. Negotiate a competitive salary package

Once you receive your job offer, Frank will help you to negotiate the highest possible compensation package.  Aren’t you worth it?

land your dream job

No matter what may be holding you back, Frank will give you the skills and feedback you need to ace your next job interview.

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