Land Your Dream Job in 2020 by Hiring an Interview Success Coach - Your Interview Success

Are you still unemployed and tired of receiving rejections after interviews, even when you think you did well? Or is your 2020 goal to land a new job, but you haven’t interviewed for years? Maybe it’s time to hire a pro like an interview success coach who can help you figure out a strategy and teach effective interview techniques so you land that job faster.  

What Can an Interview Success Coach Do for You?

  1. In my 14 years as a Senior Recruiter with Fortune 500 companies and many innovative tech start-ups, I have interviewed over 10,000 people. I know firsthand what strategies work and what causes rejections.
  2. When companies reject you, they rarely tell you why. I give immediate constructive feedback on your interview performance when we work together in mock interview sessions. I help you fix what is holding you back so you can get a breakthrough and land a job.
  3. Do you know what impression you are making? How your clothes, body language, eye contact, speech patterns, and tone of voice are influencing your interview outcomes? I evaluate all of these critical factors and give you direct feedback to correct any liabilities.
  4. Do you understand the value that you bring to the marketplace? If you answer interview questions vaguely without backing them up with hard evidence of your competence, you’ll get passed by. I help you understand your value and teach you how to communicate it effectively so that you leave a strong impression and separate yourself from the competition.
  5. What kind of questions do you ask during the interview? Do they strengthen your value proposition, or do they negate it? I provide you with great questions to ask the interviewers!
  6. Do you know how to craft effective answers to behavioral questions? Many candidates are incredibly vague with their answers. As a leading interview success coach, I will teach you how to identify and communicate compelling success stories that make you memorable.
  7. “I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong in interviews, how can you help me”? If you are repeatedly getting to the final on-site stage of interviews but still aren’t getting a job offer, something is going wrong. I help you diagnose problems and, more importantly, fix them.
  8. “Maybe I need a new resume?” While resumes are important as they get your foot in the door, interviews are what get you the job offer. Repeated rejections are an indication that you are not performing well in the interview.  Your problem is not your resume!
  9. “I’m afraid to negotiate my offer. Won’t the company be upset if I do?” No company that you’d want to work for will be upset that you are trying to negotiate a higher salary. I teach you proven effective strategies on how to do it. Aren’t you worth it?
  10. “How can I get started?” I’m glad you asked. I offer a free introductory session that you can schedule by clicking right here.

I look forward to our conversation.

Happy New Year!