Interviewing Can be Like Dating. How do You Survive and Thrive? [read more] - Your Interview Success

Have you been interviewing with companies and not hearing back from them? The dynamics of interviews are similar to what one encounters when they are single, and they are starting to date again. Think about the similarities. You have a great first conversation with someone by phone that you met online. You decide to meet in person, and once again, there’s a great connection. You find out that you have even much more in common than you realized. You also find out that you know some of the same people. It would seem like this is a perfect first date. Your date suggests at the end of the date that you get together again soon, and you agree. You wait a few days, and you don’t hear anything from this person. You decide to send them a text or an email thanking them for the first date and suggesting that you get together again. You don’t hear anything back. You are baffled, and if this keeps happening, you may feel frustrated, angry, or even decide to throw in the towel with dating for a while.

The process of interviewing with companies can be very similar to dating. You have a great phone interview, and the company asks you to come in for an in-person meeting. You are all prepared for the interview, and everything goes well. Your interviews go longer than they scheduled them to be, which would seem to mean they like you. Before you leave, you are asked when you would be available to start and when you get home, the people who interviewed you have already sent you requests to connect on LinkedIn. You think that you must be getting an offer. You send your thank you notes and wait. Days go by, and you do not hear back from them. Then it becomes weeks, and finally, you receive a rejection email. You are really confused by this, and you begin to take it personally and even may fall into a discouraging slump, which may lead to your stopping your job search.

The problem is that you will never really know why you didn’t get a job offer. Most people never get professional feedback on their interviewing skills.

Consider hiring a career coach who can evaluate your interview strategy and observe your strengths and deficits and dissect why your interviews are not getting offers. I use my 14 years of experience as a Recruiter for Fortune 500 and innovative start-up companies interviewing and hiring thousands of job seekers like you to give you honest and useful strategies along with mock interview practice to make you a success. I encourage you to read my reviews right here on LinkedIn.

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Maybe it’s time to get honest feedback on how you interview and a strategy that will work.

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.