Interview Success is an Inside Job - Your Interview Success

There are many tangible things you can do to ace your job interview. You can research the company, match your skills and successes to the job description requirements, or make sure you dress the part – but there are other equally important “inside matters” that need to be resolved for you to become the candidate that gets the job offer. If you are carrying around baggage from a bad job experience you just left, or if you continually suffer from “imposter syndrome” and just don’t believe you have what it takes to get a job, you’ll continue to fail in your interviews.

Here are some examples of “inside” issues that are critical to your interview success!

1. You left your last job under stressful circumstances.

When we are laid off or fired from a position, we can feel very rattled by those circumstances. You may have been treated very poorly, or the layoff came as a shock. With this in mind, you’ll need to focus on what you did to accomplish and achieve success in that job and be able to put a positive spin on those accomplishments. If you choose to bring up how difficult your manager was or focus on anything negative in relation to that position, you will have raised a rd flag to the prospective employer with whom you are interviewing. In our sessions together, I will help you to focus on the positive achievements you made in your previous position and neutralize the reasons you left.

2. You are concerned that your age is holding you back in interviews.

Age discrimination is real in the job market, but if you become so focused on your age, you may be unintentionally psyching yourself out. No matter your age, you still must put forth a value proposition that is enticing to the employer. There are some things you can control. For instance, are you dressing for interviews like it’s still 1999? Do you truly understand what that employer’s problems are, and are you articulating how you can help them? Do you let a younger interviewer know how valuable your experience could be to them? Convince them that you would help them to be successful, and that you’re not out to get their own job. Throughout my time as a coach, I have assisted many 50+ clients to overcome their age insecurities.

3. You have a very hard time “selling yourself” and you dislike having to tell compelling success stories.

Just about every company expects you to be able to articulate your S.T.A.R. success stories today. Often, when I start working with my clients, they are concerned that their success stories just aren’t important enough. I help my clients identify strategic stories to tell, and make sure that they provide all of the details that demonstrate their competence and passion. You must sell yourself, because if you don’t, the impression you will leave will be one of vagueness. Vagueness always lead to rejection. There are no exceptions to this. Let me help you to articulate stories that you are excited to tell, ones that help elevate your performance.

4. You dislike interviews in general, and you feel as though you are being put in the hot seat.

In order to take your power back in any interview, you must approach the interview with curiosity. Start taking a more assertive role in your interviews! Be curious about the people you interview with, and the job you might land. Are these people that you want to work with, and is this job really worthy of your talents and the next right step in your career? Interviews are two-way streets. As much as an interviewer is trying to fill the position with the right fit for the job, you should be at an interview to find out if that position is really a fit for yourself, too. Let me help you approach interviews in a new way that empowers you.

As your interview coach, I am focused 100% on helping you to elevate your performance so that you can become the candidate that gets the offer and a salary that is commensurate of your worth in the marketplace. Stop spinning your wheels and get the coaching and expertise that will help you to overcome any obstacles to acing your interview.

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Frank Burgoyne