In COVID times, how can you show hiring managers that you "get it?" - Your Interview Success

7 Questions That You Need To Ask

My clients are landing job offers right now, and I am teaching them how to navigate their interviews during this unusual and challenging time. Now, more so than ever before, your ability to prepare and ask strategic questions during your interview is an important component to the impression you make in your interviews, and during COVID, it’s critical that some of your questions convey your concern and proactive concern about the company’s current handling of challenges.

Naturally, not all of your questions should revolve around the pandemic, but you’ll want to adjust your questions to make it seem that you are already thinking about the effects of COVID on business.

Here are a few examples of some of the great questions my clients are asking now:

  1. Teamwork is so critical for the success of business. Now that your employees are working remotely, how are you ensuring effective communication and collaboration?
  2. Are there any key aspects of my position that will change after the pandemic phase that we are currently in?
  3. What are the greatest challenges that COVID has presented for you and your business?
  4. How has the company responded to the economic impact that the past few months have had on your industry?

Once you have a job offer in hand, here are some important follow-up questions that you should consider asking:

  1. Given that I would be starting this position remotely, can you provide me with some information about what my onboarding process would be like and what I can expect?
  2. What will your policy on working remotely be after COVID?
  3. What technologies do you use to enhance communication for remote workers?

Interviews are continuing to happen at companies now and my clients are being hired regularly, but it’s critical that you have a razor-sharp focus and understanding of how your value proposition can help a company, both during COVID and in the years to follow. The questions you ask will further elevate your interview performance by demonstrating that you are already seeing yourself on the job, dealing with the challenges that are presented every single day.

I can help you to prepare a winning strategy and to practice it in mock interviews.

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