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Have you ever asked a friend or a trusted business colleague to give their opinion of your resume? Of course you have. Most people understand that it makes sense to get others’ opinions on their resume.

But what can you do to find out what kind of impression you are making in interviews? It isn’t appropriate to ask the person who conducted an interview with you to ask how you did at the end of the interview. You are putting them on the spot, and most of the time you won’t get honest feedback.

You could ask a friend to role-play with you, but your friend has likely never hired anyone or been a recruiter. How valuable would their feedback be, and would they be sincere? Would they even understand what a hiring manager is seeking? Would your friend be able to help you build a “brand” that you could communicate during an interview, or craft the tough interview questions and effective answers to get a job offer now? Would your friend give you honest feedback on the impression your outfit gave? The answer is most likely a resounding no.

If you are having difficulties moving on beyond the first interview with companies, chances are your interview strategy needs a makeover.

Luckily you can give yourself an edge by hiring an interview coach to help you plan and execute your interview strategy so that you are much more likely to get a job offer. Also, once you get the job offer, you can enlist their assistance with the salary negotiation. What would an interview coach do to get you prepared?

My work expertise has encompassed six years of hiring large teams as a manager, 14 years of recruiting and hiring high caliber candidates for Fortune 500 companies and innovative tech start-ups. I have also completed advanced training in coaching at one of the foremost coaching schools in the nation, The Coaches Training Institute. I have interviewed thousands of candidates and prepared hundreds of clients for their interviews and have a consistent track record of helping my clients get job offers.

As your interview coach, we will first discuss what your brand is and how to customize it to any job you interview for. Next, we will participate in a mock interview where you will get in-the-moment feedback on your answers, body language, and habits that may be holding you back. Generally, we can transform your interview abilities in three to five sessions. I customize my work sessions to your needs.

Give me a call or send me an email. Let’s talk about how I can assist you to start getting job offers with a great interview strategy.

You can reach me at 415-252-9086 or

Maybe it’s time to do something different in 2016. Make this the year you land a job that is the right fit at the right compensation.

This article originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse.