4 Ways to Keep Your Job Search Alive During the Covid-19 Pandemic - Your Interview Success

While there are significant challenges going on in particular industries related to travel, restaurants and hospitality at this time most companies are not stopping their hiring.  It’s important to keep your job search momentum going now.  You may have a competitive edge since many job seekers are deciding to take a break until the pandemic lifts.  

Here are some ways to keep your search active:

1. Expand and nurture your existing professional network.

Update and complete your Linked In profile.  Now is the time for you to have a profile that shines and will be attractive to recruiters.  Does your Linked In profile look like your resume?  Make sure that your Linked In profile brands you in unique ways that your resume can’t. Post relevant content that sets you up to be an industry expert.  Comment on other’s content so that you begin to build symbiotic relationships with your followers.

Since we are unable to network in person at this time consider setting up a Zoom call with someone in your network to catch up with them and get information and advice on your industry.   Establish a rapport with individuals new to your network before you start asking them for a job.  Also, make sure you are a “go-giver” looking for opportunities to help others as well.  

2. Engage in Professional Development

When you are in interviews you will often be asked how you’ve been using your time off.  Be prepared to be able to communicate how you are furthering your education in your industry.  Now is the time to get that certification you never had time for before. 

3. Develop a job search spreadsheet or app that tracks every aspect of your job search.

Do you have a detailed way to track the jobs you’ve applied to, the information you’ve learned from networking, your interview history, details of interviews you’ve gone on?  Your job search is just like a project that needs to be managed with precise detail.  You can’t possibly keep all the details of a job search in your head so develop a simple spreadsheet or find an app that you can track all those details in.  Another benefit is that you’ll have all of that info the next time you are in a job search and won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

4. Get assistance with your interview preparation

Many times, job seekers get excited about being chosen to move forward in an interview process but  the reality  is that they are very rusty in their interview skills.  It may have been years since you’ve been in a job search and you may not realize that you are ill-prepared to fully articulate your value proposition to an employer.  This lack of preparedness can lead to rejections after interviews.

I will help you get prepared and give you the practice and feedback you’ll need to fully express your value proposition and get the job offer you deserve.

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