Has Coronavirus Changed Your Interview to Video? Here’s How to Ace It! - Your Interview Success

My interview success clients are still getting interviews right now but the dramatic change is that they are no longer happening in person.  100% of companies are moving their interview processes to video and even hiring people without meeting them.   

You can leverage this situation to your advantage if you know how to prepare.

1. Choose your video interviewing area in your home.

When you decide where you are going to conduct your video interview make sure it’s an area with adequate light and clutter free.  Using a blank wall as a backdrop can work or make sure the view behind you is attractive and clutter free.  Take an honest look at how your background looks because it’s guaranteed your interviewer will. 

2. Get your lighting right

Do a test run of how your lighting is going to be seen.  Make a test video using Zoom or another product to see if your lighting is just the right level.  Placing a lamp behind your laptop often gives the perfect amount of lighting.  Make it easy for your interviewer to be able to see you.  Also pull your window shades down if there is a glare present.  You don’t want to have to adjust anything during your interview. 

3. Dress the part

Even though your interview is in your home doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dressed the exact same way as you would if you were participating in an in-person interview.  Make sure your appearance is projecting the image that reflects the position you are interviewing for.  Pay close attention to your clothes and ensure they are not wrinkled.  Avoid conducting your interview in front of wall or painting that clashes with the outfit you’ve chosen.  You want to shine not your background.  Is there a color you love that you know you look great in? Wear that color!  Dress head to toe the same as you would in person as you’ll feel more professional too. 

4. Show your enthusiasm

Video interviews can be a bit strange but treat them the same way you would if you were in person.  Make sure you smile and communicate your enthusiasm for the company and also the value that you could bring to the job.  Don’t slouch.  Pay attention to your posture and make sure you look engaged.

5. Eliminate background noise.

To the best of your ability make sure there is no noise in your background. Power your phone and other devices off.  Make sure no one is walking by during your interview to the best of your ability.  Keep your windows closed if there’s a lot of street noise.  You don’t want to have any distractions that can take away from the impression you are making.

6. Test your technology before the interview

It is your responsibility to be 100% ready when your interview starts.  Don’t try to make excuses that your video camera or headphones don’t work.  Many companies have their own video interview products but some use Zoom or other well-known products.   Test the products beforehand.  Make sure your microphone works well.  You don’t want to be fumbling with your video or audio problems at the beginning of your interview.  If you are not sure how to use the company’s video program reach out before your interview to get instructions.

7. Other distractions

When you are on a phone interview it’s very easy to read your prep notes without being discovered.  When you are on a video interview if you are looking at notes or you are writing notes you can diminish the impression you are trying to make.  If you must use notes the only way to do it is to have some very simple reminders that are taped to side of your monitor but in general try not to use them at all.  Distractions of any type are heightened on video interviews and need to be minimized.  Taking notes can be distracting for your interviewer because you are not maintaining eye contact with them.  If you have to take notes make them extremely brief and keep to a minimum.

8. Props to have nearby

Make sure you have water nearby as you may need it and won’t want to have to get up.  Have your resume right by you and also have a list of the questions you want to ask handy. 

9. Eye Contact

To make direct eye contact with your interviewer you will need to look directly into the camera on your laptop.  You want to make direct eye contact with your interviewer as you would in person.  If your gaze is up or down or side to side it will be very distracting and you may not connect well.

10. Practice your skills by hiring me

I work with my clients to help them prepare for video interviews by conducting our interview success session by video.  I will give you feedback on everything that is important to the impression you are making so that you are fully prepared and understand how to effectively articulate your value proposition even if you aren’t interviewing in person. 

Please take good care of yourself during these challenging times.  You can still thrive even if you can’t interview in person.

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